Connecting Remix

What is Remix

Remix is a browser-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing Solidity contracts. This document will cover connecting Remix with Klaytn. If you want to know more about how to use Remix, please refer to Remix docs or Klaytn IDE, which was derived from Remix.

Setup EVM version

Klaytn supports contracts written in Solidity, and is compatible with the Constantinople version of EVM. Also, Solidity version 0.7.x and lower are supported in Klaytn. Therefore, to deploy the contract on Klaytn, the contract must be compiled with the Constantinople EVM version.
  • Click solidity compiler, and then choose constantinople EVM version.
Solidity Complier

Connect to a local plugin

You need a local plugin to connect to the Klaytn network using Remix. The process is described in the following:
  • Click plugin manager, and then click Connect to a Local Plugin.
  • Put in the URL. Use any name what you want in the Plugin Name and Display Name.
Local Plugin
  • If the [Klaytn] tab appears, you are ready to interact with Klaytn.

Setting up the Deployment Environment

  • Click on the [Klaytn] tab.
  • Select the appropriate [Environment]. You can select Baobab, Cypress, or Caver provider.
    • [Baobab]: Connects to the Baobab network
    • [Cypress]: Connects to the Cypress network
    • [Caver Provider]: Connects directly to Klaytn node, which supports RPC
Klaytn Tab

Import account

  • You can import keys from private key or Keystore.
  • Click plus button next to the ACCOUNT.
Import Keys
  • Then put private key or keystore.
  • You can also import keys for the feePayer. It only supports private key.

Connecting Klaytn - Remix using EN (Endpoint Node)

  • Set up an Endpoint Node in the local environment by following the instructions in the EN documents.
  • Create an account by following the instructions in Account Management.
    Note: If you use the Public EN from Baobab, instead of from your local environment, you won't be connected to your account because the personal API is disabled.
  • Select [Caver Provider] in the Environment menu.
Caver Provider
  • Enter the RPC address of the EN in the Caver Provider Endpoint. Local EN (default): http://localhost:8551
  • Once you are successfully connected to the Network, you will see the Chain ID as below. You can view the list of accounts that you have created in Account.

Connecting Klaytn - Remix using MetaMask

  • Connect Klaytn with MetaMask by referring to the Connecting to MetaMask.
  • Select [Injected Web3] on the Remix Environment menu.
Injected Web3
  • When you see the MetaMask pop-up, select the connected account and click [Next].
  • Once you are connected to the Network (Baobab Testnet in this example), you will see the Chain ID as below. You can check the connection status with the MetaMask wallet under [Account].

Tutorial: KlaytnGreeter Contract

We will be using the KlaytnGreeter sample contract.
  • Add KlaytnGreeter.sol and write the testing code.
Add KlaytnGreeter
  • On the Solidity Compile tab, select [Compile KlaytnGreeter.sol] to compile the contract code.
  • In the Deploy & Run Transactions tab, click [Deploy] to deploy the compiled contract.
Deploy the Contract
  • You can view the deployed contract. You can test or debug it.
Check the Contract
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What is Remix
Setup EVM version
Connect to a local plugin
Setting up the Deployment Environment
Import account
Connecting Klaytn - Remix using EN (Endpoint Node)
Connecting Klaytn - Remix using MetaMask
Tutorial: KlaytnGreeter Contract