Developer Tools
This page contains the list of development tools that is available to help Blockchain Application development on Klaytn.


  • Kaikas is a secure, developer-friendly wallet for the Klaytn Network that is seamlessly integrated into the web as a browser extension. Kaikas empowers you to store and interact with KLAY/Klaytn-based tokens, and to sign transactions from Klaytn BApps on the web in realtime.

Klaytn Wallet

  • Klaytn Wallet is a browser-based account management tool for the Blockchain Application (BApp) developers. You can create/load your accounts, review your account balance, and transfer KLAY. You can also register your own Klaytn tokens to test basic behaviors.


  • Klaytnscope is the block explorer for the Klaytn Network. You can browse and inspect your transactions on the browser.