Klaytn BApp (Blockchain App)
Klaytn uses the term BApp instead of DApp (Decentralized App). As every technology does, blockchain changes its use on how it is perceived and applicated. Among them, DApp is the application focused on decentralization. It is a very important application area of blockchain. However, there is no need for every application to be DApp. And it is not right to insist that it should unconditionally be DApp just because it is carried out at public blockchain. DApp should be carried out with a clearly decentralized business model and management method.
Blockchain has many advantages other than decentralization. It can make use of blockchain’s intrinsic characteristics like transparency, traceability, immutability, and anonymity. But the application doesn’t need to be in the form of DApp. Let me give you an example. If you realize document notarization service using blockchain, as soon as you save the document for notarization in blockchain, it is not controllable due to the immutability and, it can be utilized as a proof thanks to the traceability. This service can be operated by a centralized startup. As another example, we can think of digital item trading service using NFT (Non-Fungible Token). By using NFT we can prove the original copy of the digital items and making use of this, we can safely trade on the Internet. This uses the blockchain’s immutability, transparency, and traceability. Like this, blockchain has lots of advantages that can be utilized other than decentralization.
That’s why Klaytn made up a new term BApp to cover various cases that utilize the advantages of blockchain. We see that DApp is a kind of BApp that focuses on decentralization characteristics. Klaytn also trusts in the value and possibility of decentralization. However, until now, it is true that lots of DApp projects have lost the trust of blockchain’s possibility by offering the decentralization model that is irrelevant to the reality of the market or the needs of the users. Klaytn expands the possibility of blockchain technology so that more practical trials can appear. BApp is the term that includes that will of Klaytn.
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